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Cups & balls – $4.00
Royal Magic’s best seller of all time!

Three solid cups are shown. Three unprepared balls are shown. The
balls then penetrate the bottom of each cup, time and time again. No sleight of hand is involved. Many more routines are possible with this beginners set. This is a great foundation for the budding magician to
begin with.

One of the oldest tricks in magic.

Cups & balls book – $3.00
For centuries, the Cups and Balls has fascinated audiences and magicians alike.

The trick has been featured by nearly every great performer in the history of the art, in nearly every venue, from street corners to Broadway theaters.
It is likely the most popular magic trick of all time. Inside this booklet you will learn through clear, step-by step instructions, the essentials of this fascinating effect. Methods and moves for beginners – easy for
anyone to learn – are taught alongside intermediate and advanced sleight of hand techniques.

Dai Vernon’s classic, “Impromptu Cups and Balls Routine,” recognized as a modern magical classic, is described in minute detail as well.
You will learn: False Transfers, Complete Routines, How to Select the Proper Equipment, Loading Techniques, How to Construct Patter, To Develop a Unique Performance, How to Misdirect an Audience, and more. In short, the Cups and Balls is a complete lesson in sleight of hand. It’s time to get to work! “The Cups and Balls carries a stunning impact. It makes an impression, a lasting impression…It has evolved into the magician’s ‘perfect’ trick…It is no small wonder that this uncomplicated illusion has been around for two millennia.” – From the introduction by Bob Read, noted lecturer, performer and authority on the Cups and Balls

Nickles to dimes – $6.00
Double your money by magic!

This precision made brass prop makes dreams come true – it doubles money like magic. The magician places a stack of nickels on the table and covers it with a brass cap. Instantly, the nickels have turned into a stack of dimes! There is no sleight of hand involved in the trick.

Complete with detailed instructions and all necessary apparatus. The cap can be examined before and after the trick by the most attentive spectator. There’s nothing to find!

Magic coin box – $4.00
One of the most popular pocket tricks of all time.

A coin is borrowed, and vanishes from the magician’s fingertips. A small box is removed from the magician’s pocket. This is handed to the spectator, who opens the box. Inside he finds a matchbox, encircled with rubber
bands. Inside the matchbox, the spectator finds a small bag, also closed with a rubber band. Inside the bag is the missing coin!

The Magical Life of Jordon – $20.00
This is a story of a boy named Jordan, who is the son of one of today’s top illusionists. Jordan had picked up a lot of secrets of magic and finds that this information isn’t just for stage; it can also be used on a daily basis.
Jordan gets to test out his theory when he is sent to a boarding school called Wellington Academy. On his first day at his new school he overhears that $3,000.00 was stolen from the drama department and he hopes to solve this mystery using only the tricks of the trade and a lot of magical knowledge.

This book also comes with a DVD that will teach you some of the magic tricks that Jordan performed in the book.

Plus a bonus effect: You will receive the secrets and kit of necessary props to make household items levitate such as dollar bills, finger rings, and playing cards.

Deluxe magic kit – $25.00
This set is the perfect introduction to magic!
The “Classic Mysteries of the Master Magicians” magic set makes an excellent gift for magicians of all ages. The set features tricks that are magical classics. Professional magicians selected time-tested tricks that are easy to do, yet completely baffling. Each set comes complete in a gorgeous four-color box, packed with magic! You’ll find props and instructions for over 75 amazing tricks. Basic sleight of hand is taught, as are many baffling, nearly self-working tricks in the miracle class!

Included are the following popular Royal Magic products:
· Ball Vase
· Cups and Balls
· Prayer Vase
· Hydrostatic Glass
· Spiked Coin
· Alexander’s Number Mystery
· Houdini’s Handcuff Escape
· And much, much more!

The thorough, well-written and profusely illustrated instructions book accompany the set makes learning these tricks easy. A bonus book, “50 Amazing Illusions,” is also included, detailing easy tricks anyone can do with little or no sleight of hand, or special equipment.

2 card monte – $1.00
You have two cards, one face up and the other face down.

Spectators bets he knows which face down and looses every time

The Magic & Illusion show poster – $3.00
We will be happy to sign any item purchased just let us
know who to make it out to.

Wes Iseli 8×10 – $2.00
We will be happy to sign any item purchased just let us
know who to make it out to.

The Trick of the Month includes:
-12 monthly email Video Lessons
-Wes will teach you card tricks, coin tricks,
tricks you can make and more…..
-A free trick Deck of Cards
-A DVD Promo of the Magic & Illusion Show
-A Membership Card that will get you discounts on other Magic from WESISELI.COM

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Miracles of the Bible – $20.00
Imagine going up in front of your Sunday school class and telling a story of a miracle being performed in the bible then being able to illustrate that with a modern day illusion. Recreating the events from the past and making it more than just a story and then end by saying this is only an illusion and only God can perform miracles. This lesson will soon not be forgotten.

This is what I wanted to create with this Illusion kit. Five stories of miracles from the bible and recreating them using illusion to make them more memorable and to have a more lasting impression.

This is my way of making the learning of bible stories fun and entertaining instead of dull and possibly boring as in the way I have heard stories in the past read in a monotone, sleep inducing voice.

Each kit is hand made and comes complete with bible stories, picture illustrations, and the necessary props to help accomplish the illusions.

In this kit you will learn 5 stories and illusions that include: water to wine (non alcoholic version), loaves & fishes, sweetened the waters, parting the sea, stick to serpent.

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